Board of Director’s Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2017

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Ontario Horse Trials Association Board of Directors Meeting
December 11, 2017
By Conference Call

Present on Call: Katie Bailini, Cristina Barbour, Kate Farrell, Pat Frewen-Lord, Terri Hough-Gilmour, Sarah Irving, Amy Jackson, Veronica Low, Lindsay Mahon, Ann Neal, Cheryl Niemuller, Helen Richardson, Deb Welna, Roseanne Corbett, Lisa Thompson
Regrets: Peta Christen

1. Call to Order: 7:04pm

2. Meeting Opening
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the agenda for the December 11, 2017 Board of Directors meeting was approved.
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the minutes from the October 9, 2017 Board of Directors meeting were approved.

Housekeeping Items:
New and Retiring Directors
Pat welcomed the new Directors – Terri Hough-Gilmour, Veronica Low, Lindsay Mahon, Cheryl Niemuller and Deb Welna. Lisa will give the new directors their Directors’ binder at the next in-person meeting, and Katie will provide them with a copy of Robert’s Rules. The Code of Conduct was distributed by email prior to the meeting and Katie reminded everyone to read and sign it and put it in their binder.

Conflict of Interest
There was discussion regarding conflict of interest and the Directors were asked to disclose any affiliations that could cause a conflict of interest issue to arise in future. Conflict of interest is the perception of making a decision to benefit your own interests. The following are the affiliations disclosed by the Directors:
• Katie Bailini – Grandview Horse Trials
• Cristina Barbour – no affiliations
• Peta Christen – no affiliations
• Roseanne Corbett – no affiliations
• Kate Farrell – no affiliations
• Pat Frewen-Lord – no affiliations
• Terri Hough- Gilmour – no affiliations
• Sarah Irving – Grandview Horse Trials
• Amy Jackson – Steven’s Creek Horse Trials
• Veronica Low – does marketing for Jessica Phoenix
• Lindsay Mahon – Raynham Stables
• Ann Neal – no affiliations
• Cheryl Niemuller – no affiliations
• Helen Richardson – Oakhurst Horse Trials
• Lisa Thompson – Wits End Horse Trials
• Deb Welna – sponsors many horse shows with her company’s products – Ginger Devil

Recap of Elections for Executive Positions
At the Board meeting on October 9, 2017, the following directors were elected to the Executive Committee:
President – Pat Frewen-Lord
Vice President – Katie Holman
Chair – Sarah Irving
Treasurer – Roseanne Corbett (Executive Director)
Secretary – Lisa Thompson
The other two executive directors were not chosen during the October meeting. Veronica and Deb expressed interest in being executive directors.
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, Veronica Low and Deb Welna will be executive directors for 2018.

Meeting with the CEC and Provincial Reps
There will be a meeting again in November 2018 between the Canadian Eventing Committee and representatives from the various Provincial Horse Trials Associations. The exact date will be confirmed later. Pat, Katie, Roseanne, Lindsay and Terri will be attending this meeting on behalf of the OHTA.
2018 Meeting Schedule and Venue
Regular Board meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month, except for the October meeting, which will be held on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. The November 2018 meeting will be replaced by the AGM. It was decided that the in-person meetings, which will still be at the Schomberg Community Centre, will be held in January, March, May, July, September and October. Conference call meetings will be held in February, April, June, August and December. Any Director who is unable to attend an in-person meeting can still attend via conference call.

There was discussion over who will be the Chair of the various committees, and who will be committee members. A completed copy of the Committee Listing is attached to these minutes.

3. Matters for Discussion
President’s Report
Pat reminded everyone that if there is an email vote, directors must respond within 24 hours. It was decided that when sending out emails to the Board, make sure the subject line includes OHTA as the first parameter.
Pat asked that anyone who cannot attend a meeting to send an email that they are going to be absent and a short description of what they have been working on since the previous meeting.
There was discussion over the need to rebrand the OHTA is order to revitalize the sport. The rebranding could be announced at an open house. We will also try to get organizers to offer inexpensive opportunities for members to school at their facilities. There will be a special strategy meeting on Sunday January 28, 2018 to discuss these initiatives.
Pat reported that the Eventing Committee of EC would like to go paperless and will not be offering a printed copy of the omnibus starting in 2018. The omnibus will be available online, and there will still be advertising on-line.
Pat also reported that the Eventing Committee is working on the modified tests as a means of growing the sport. The Eventing Committee is willing to forgo their membership requirement for modified tests. There was discussion over whether the OHTA should also forgo its membership fee. Then the only membership required to compete at a modified test would be the OEF membership. Reducing the number of memberships required may help get more people to try Eventing. Modified tests still run under EC rules, but organizers are not compelled to use EC officials, and the same horse can be ridden by different individuals.
There is a new division being introduced in 2018 called “Pre-Preliminary”. It is the equivalent of the new FEI 1* division that has a max. height of 1.05m. Oakhurst will the first event in Ontario to offer this division, but there will not be any points awarded for 2018.
The items discussed at the Town Hall meeting held at the AGM in November 2018 will be collated by Katie and presented at a future meeting of the Board.
The 2018 Championship venue in Ottawa will be offering an Eventing open house on the same weekend. There will be a 2nd open house offered in Southern Ontario, with the date and venue to be determined at a later date.

Treasurer’s Report
Roseanne reported that there are no financial statements available yet as she is still rolling everything over to the new year and there has been no activity anyway. Roseanne reminded everyone that each committee chair should start working on their 2018 budgets, so they can be discussed at the January 2018 meeting. Budgets are based on expenditures from the prior year, but if a committee chair thinks they will need money for their committee, they should prepare and submit a budget. The budget will be finalized in February 2018.
As funding provided to the venue that hosts the Championships has been reduced, there is levy money available and decisions will have to be made on where that money will be spent.
Veronica sponsored the OHTA with $1,500 that is to go towards growing the sport.

Strategic Planning and Governance Manual
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

Growing the Sport
Nothing to report.

Competitions and Championships
Nothing to report.

Young Riders
The Committee should start thinking about the YR Challenge series for 2018, as there need to be changes to this program.

Banquet, AGM and Awards
The Committee will be discussing and forming a proposal for the 2018 venue. This proposal will be voted on in January 2018.

Leaderboards and Points; Memberships
Nothing to report.

Volunteer Incentive Program
Nothing to report.

Officials, Safety and Rules
There may be an FEI clinic for officials held at Bromont in 2018. There is also a need for a course design clinic and a national officials clinic in 2018.

The Town Hall discussion summary will be put up on the website as soon as it is available. Katie will do an email blast in early January reminding everyone to renew their memberships. There was discussion over the need for the website to be more interactive. This will be discussed further at future meetings.

4. Meeting Finalization
Review of Actions to Be Taken
The committees should get together before the January 2018 meeting to have an initial planning session. Committee chairs should get in touch with new members.
Next Meeting: January 16, 2018 at Schomberg Community Centre

Meeting Adjournment: 8:50.