AGM Minutes November 19, 2016 – Approved November 18, 2017

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Ontario Horse Trials Association Annual General and Special Meeting
November 19, 2016
Nottawasaga Inn and Resort, Alliston, Ontario

OHTA Directors: Katie Holman, Lisa Thompson, Deb Welna, Sylvia Dixon, Kate Farrell, Peta Christen, Pat Frewen-Lord, Cristina Carravagio
Regrets: Sarah Irving, Amy Jackson, Helen Richardson

Call to Order: 6:09pm

1. Introductions
Deb Welna, Chairperson, welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.

2. Approval of 2016 AGM Agenda and 2015 AGM minutes
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the members approved the agenda for the 2016 Annual General Meeting.
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the members approved the minutes, as amended, from the November 21, 2015, Annual General Meeting.

3. Director Introductions
Deb Welna introduced the members of the 2016 OHTA Directors.

4. President’s Report
Pat Frewen-Lord reported that there was a decline in the number of entries at the events this past season, as well as over the past few years. The Board and the organizers, are aware of the problem and will be working towards solutions that will help reverse this trend.
Pat discussed the results of the survey carried out by the Board in the summer of 2016. One recurring theme was that competitors were not happy with the 2016 competition schedule. Pat informed the members that for the 2017 competition season, there will be at least 2 weeks between all events running Intermediate division. Pat also reported that there seems to be a lot of misconceptions among members about the sport and what goes into running an event. Therefore, the Board will be putting out a series of articles on the OHTA website throughout 2017 to help educate members.
Pat reported that there is a need for more volunteers at the events. It can become unsafe to run an event without an adequate number of volunteers and the Board will be working on solutions to this problem.
A few members of the Board met with the Equestrian Canada Eventing Committee in November 2016 and Pat reported that it was a productive meeting and feels positive about working with the EC Eventing Committee in the future to help better our sport.
Finally, Pat reported that the new OHTA website has been launched, which was developed by Amy Jackson. The Board would like to thank Amy for her efforts on this project.

5. Membership Report
Roseanne Corbett reported that there were a total of 1,095 members for 2016, comprised of 730 Senior members, 326 Junior members and 39 Associate members. This is a decrease of approximately 96 members from 2015. Roseanne also reported that membership has been declining over the past 5 years, particularly the number of junior memberships.

6. Financial Statements
The financial statements for the fiscal year ending October 31, 2016 were distributed prior to the meeting. Roseanne reported that the OHTA has had excess cash which it has been to spending over the past 3 years. Going forward, we will be doing a balanced budget. The Canada Revenue Agency allows Not-For-Profits to carry, in cash, one year’s worth of operating budget.
Revenues are down this fiscal year because membership declined and the number of entries at events declined, which decreased the revenue from the levies.
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the members approved the October 31, 2016 financial statements.

7. Funding
Roseanne provided details of the current OHTA funding programs – the Competition Improvement program and the One Event at a Time program. CIP Part A offers reimbursement to organizers to upgrade their stadium and cross country courses by paying up to $200 for the cost of a course designer. CIP Part B offers up to a maximum of $1,750 to organizers for course maintenance and improvements. Part C of the CIP offers a maximum $5,000 grant toward a large project. CIP Part D offers a $5,000 loan for special projects, repayable within a year at 0% interest. The One Event at a Time program is funded with the money collected from the $5.00 levy on each entry. A portion of it goes into the CIP for all venues to benefit from, and the remainder goes towards funding of the annual OHTA Championships. In 2016, $12,500 was given to Oakhurst for hosting the Championships.
There was a lot of discussion over lowering the cost of the banquet and awards to save money for the OHTA. All comments and suggestions will be taken into account when the Board prepares the 2017 OHTA budget.

8. Election of Directors
The Chair informed the meeting that the OHTA Board of Directors has two vacancies to fill, as well as two current Board members standing for re-election. Three candidates had come forward indicating an interest in joining the Board. Under the current Bylaws, the Board can have a maximum of 12 directors. Ballots were handed out to members when they checked-in upon arrival. The Chair asked if there were any nominations from the floor, and there being no further nominations, informed members that they could vote for a maximum of 4 of the 5 individuals listed on the ballot.

9. Athlete Development
Cristina Barbour provided a report on the young rider program. In 2016, there were a total of 44 members. There were 3 clinics, given by Momo Laframboise, held over the season, which were open to all riders, not just young rider program members. Nine horse and rider combinations were sent to the 2016 North American Junior and Young Rider Championships, which was held in Colorado, USA. There were 6 CCI* riders and 3 CIC** riders sent. The CIC** team came home with a silver medal.

10. Officials, Rules and Safety
Kate Farrell reported that the officials’ bursary program is designed to encourage more people to become officials. It also provides funding for updating to those who are already officials.
Kate also informed the membership that any requests for rule changes in 2017 can be submitted to her.

11. Announcement of 2016 Championship venues
Deb Welna reported that the OHTA Championship committee has decided to adopt a 2-venue format for the 2017 Championships. The ‘junior’ championships will include the Pre-Entry to Pre-Training divisions, and the ‘senior’ championships will include the Training to Intermediate divisions. They will be run on consecutive weekends, and the venues will be allowed to run regular divisions as well. This decision was made in part to give the venues that only run up to the training level an opportunity to host the Championships. It was also made because the committee did not receive any applications from any organizer to host the entire Championships. This is a trial run for this format for 2017.
There was discussion over calling it the ‘junior’ and ‘senior’ championships. Some felt this would be confusing as it might lead people to believe the separation is based on age. The committee will take this under consideration, and may decide to change it to ‘lowel-level’ and ‘upper-level’ championships.
There was also concern that it would be hard for coaches to attend both weekends of the Championships. They were concerned it would affect the number of entries.
Deb announced that the OHTA has selected Caledon Horse Trials to host the 2016 ‘Junior’ Championships and Glen Oro to host the 2016 ‘Senior” Championships. Deb thanked and congratulated both Caledon and Glen Oro. Both venues will be receiving funding under the OHTA “One Event at a Time” Program.

12. Retiring Directors
One Director is retiring from the Board – Deb Welna. Pat Frewen-Lord thanked deb for her many contributions to the Board.

13. Election Results
After all ballots had been collected and counted, the results of the election were announced.
On a motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried, the following individuals were nominated and elected as directors of the OHTA, to serve until their successors are duly elected:
Ann Neal Bondrager
Chris Emmett
Kate Farrell
Katie Holman
and it was confirmed that the following are the current directors of the OHTA :
Cristina Barbour
Ann Neal Bondrager
Peta Christen
Sylvia Dixon
Chris Emmett
Kate Farrell
Pat Frewen-Lord
Katie Holman
Sarah Irving
Amy Jackson
Helen Richardson
Lisa Thompson

14. Open Discussion and New Business
The Chair then opened the meeting to questions from the members. There were no questions or comments.

15. Termination of Meeting
The Chair asked if there was any further business. There being no further business, the Chair declared the meeting terminated at 7:07pm.