A Statement to our Membership

In the recent months, there has been increasing awareness by our members about problems within both Equestrian Canada and the Eventing Committee. The OHTA has been closely monitoring these issues with growing concerns.

Over the past year, the OHTA has been working proactively with the Eventing Committee to address some issues that we feel are counter-productive to good management of our sport. Along with the rest of the Provincial Horse Trial Associations (PHTA) across Canada, we believed we were making some positive headway.

After the recent resignations of key personnel from EC’s Board of Directors and the recent letters from Pamela Law (Jump Canada) and Peter Gray (Eventing Committee), we feel we need to clarify our position.

The OHTA does not share the Eventing Committees views regarding the governance or management of EC. As the largest independent Eventing association in Canada, we feel that we are accurately representing the majority of OHTA member’s views and concerns based on their communications with us. While we support positive initiatives to enhance and promote Eventing by the Eventing Committee, the on-going problems that have resulted in the resignations and letters of complaint must be dealt with as soon as possible. These problems are destabilizing all areas of Equestrian sports in Canada.

It is of great concern to the OHTA that the new governance of EC has left out any voice from the Provinces. It is the PHTA’s that oversee Eventing across Canada and who promote and support their membership and Organizers. To silence that voice is irresponsible.

It is also of great concern to the OHTA that the EC Board of Directors and the Eventing Committee are appointed positions and are not elected by the membership/stakeholders. The OHTA believes in democracy, transparency, fairness, honesty and perhaps most importantly, accountability. The existing Eventing Committee is a sub committee within EC and therefore has no autonomy and answers only to EC, not its membership/stakeholders.

We strongly encourage both the Equestrian Canada Board of Directors and the Eventing Committee to work with its membership/stakeholders to address these growing concerns. If these issues are left ignored or unresolved, they will only continue to create further chaos in our sport.

The OHTA Board of Directors