2017 Year-End Award Winners!


Photographs courtesy of Janice Byer of Life With Horses Photography. For copies of any of these pictures, please contact her at photos@lifewithhorses.ca.

Volunteer Draws:

  1. $500 Alana Ruthven
  2. $250 Megan Keystone
  3. $150 Ann Cook
  4. $100 Sue Clark


  • Doornaree Gift Basket  – Meagan Constanineau
  • 2 Equine Massage Therapy Sessions with Loran Bell – Alex Simone  & Mattea Wafelbakker
  • Brelmaar Gift Bag – Lesley Laing
  • Brelmaar Vet Gift Bag  – Shawn Virtue
  • Pet Valu Gift Basket  – Laura Bunyard
  • Horseshoe Valley Resort Gift Voucher  – Ellen Ferris
  • Wine Gift Certificate donated by Sarah Lunn, Ronan Realty – Peggy Taylor Winter
  • Bakers Saddlery Gift Basket – Nathan Hellinga
  • $50 Tim Hortons Gift Cards, donated by David Dobson –  Sarah Roberts, Ellie Vansickle  &        Kitty Baker
  • 2 Mary Kay Gift Baskets donated  by Sherry Twynstra Sophie Drinkwater & Marrissa Hishon
  • $50 Dinner Gift Card donated by Tax Smart Virgina Knox










PC: Andrew Bailini

Canadian Sport Horse Award – Overall High Point 

Glendening Allegro, owned by Lauren Guest & ridden by Kathleen Guest








Registered Standardbred Award – Entry Division High Point

Smile Snoopy Smile, owned by Cheryl Zdolski



Irish Draught Horse Society of Canada – Overall High Point

Dunhallow Cool Ceilidh owned by Donna Pledge



Novice Adult Entry Division

First Place, Allison Ball on The Pied Piper

Second Place, Alison Gray on Eldorada

Third Place, Kim Tait on Diamond In The Ruff



Novice Adult Pre-Training Division

First place, Kareylee White on So Sarah Tu

Second place, Paula Dupuy on Madhatter

Third Place, Alan Lough on Flightpath



YR Challenge Series


Champion: Julia Mason on Enchanted Fantasy

Reserve: Katie Fisher Mansfield on Renegade





Champion: Kyle Morton on Cooler Than Me

Reserve: Makayla Rydzik on Fluorescent Adolescent





Champion: Bianca Iddiols on Split Decision

Reserve: Annick Niemuller on FE Black Jack





Champion: Emily Thompson on Paddington

Reserve: Annick Niemuller on FE Black Jack


Free 2018 Memberships

Ann Heuckendorff

Lindsay Beer


Junior Pre-Entry Division

First Place, Madelynne King on Born This Way PW

Second Place, Emma van Weesenbeek on Pippin

Third Place, Stevie Tribble on Rump



Senior Pre-Entry Division

First Place, Marie Moffatt on Afterglow

Second Place, Jennifer Marlowe on Trigger Happy

Third Place, Shannon Bryk on Sullivan



Junior Entry Division

First Place, Amy Kryschuk on Risky Business

Second Place, Samantha Reynolds-Bailey on Finnegan

Third Place, Lauren Walli on Romeo



Senior Entry Division

First Place, Alanah Van Paassen on Brego

Second Place, Laura Freymond on Irish Cream

Third place, Alison Gray on Eldorada




Open Entry Division

First Place, Kim McGurrin on Cozstellation

Second Place, Nancy Dunne on Chicago GS

Third Place, Kim Welna on Ring of Daisies



Junior Pre-Training Division

First Place, Katie Fisher Mansfield on Renegade

Second Place, Hannah MacLeod on Made You Look

Third Place, Samara Wafelbakker on Chocolate




Senior Pre-Training Division

First Place, Kareylee White on So Sarah Tu

Second Place, Sarah Shute on Harbuz

Third Place, Alan Lough on Flighpath




Open Pre-Training Division

First Place, Penny Rowland on Harley

Second Place, Andrew Rafail on Zappa

Third Place, Trudy Atrens on Irish Ping




Junior Training Division

First Place, Mary Rea on True Gritt

Second Place, Nicole Turk on Chiron

Third Place, Cole Wilson on Sirius Black




Senior Training Division

First Place, Kathleen Guest on Glendening Allegro

Second Place, Jacquie Kelton on Executive Power

Third Place, Michelle Stableford on Fade to Black




Open Training Division

First Place, Stephanie St. Pierre on Oscar Wilde

Second Place, Katlyn Hewson-Slezak on Fernhill Choco Royale

Third Place, Holly Jacks-Smither on Favonious Night




Junior Preliminary Division

First Place, Makayla Rydzik on Fluorescent Adolescent

Second Place, Bianca Iddiols on Split Decision

Third Place, Emily Sasso on Just My Luck




Senior Preliminary Division

First Place, Sondra Shantz on Unique

Second Place, Jane Stephenson on Cruising Arkansas

Second Place, Kathryn Surasky on Crazy Choice

Third Place, Kathleen Guest on Glendening Allegro




Open Preliminary Division

First Place, Jessica Ruppel on Hippique Abu

Second Place, Momo Laframboise on Wabbit

Third Place, Siobhain O’Connor on Summer Solstice




Intermediate Division

First Place, Kendal Lehari on Dunhallow Cool Ceilidh

Second Place, Jessica Phoenix on Abbey GS

Third Place, Jessica Phoenix on Bogue Sound




Young Rider Preliminary Trophy

Chloe Duffy on Oro Veradero

Young Rider Intermediate Trophy

April Simmonds on Impressively Done




Veteran Rider

Alan Lough



Rubber Ducky

Britney Hensman on Halo Above Me

Meghan Machado on Berlin Schönheit




Unsung Hero Award

Kim Knapp



Anne Zander Memorial Youth Horsemanship Award

Katie Fisher Mansfield



Barbara Beaudoin Preliminary Rider Bursary

Sarah Roney



Leading Male Rider Trophy

Matt Kidney



Leading Lady Rider Trophy

Jessica Phoenix



OHTA Hall of Fame Inductee

Terragon owned by Meagan Maloney

Congratulations to all of the winners!